Consumer Protection against Bad Contractors in Ontario


Choosing and working with a contractor/professional/subcontractor can be a great experience if all goes well; In Ontario, almost anyone can call themselves a "contractor" except for the mandatory trades like a plumber, electrician, engineer etc. that need to be licenced, so it is "buyer beware" in regards to hiring any contractor. A new home builder needs to be registered under Ontario legislation. Several websites state they "prequalify"their contractors-but don't be fooled ! They "prequalify" contractors by asking no more than several questions e.g. about the companies insurance (which has nothing to do with ability or integrity). Having liability insurance or WSIB insurance does not make you a good contractor or credible one either. Background checking, references  and a contract in writing will help your job go smoothly.We can also give you advice on any situation (click here) . along with the following excellent resources:

arrow.gifConsumer Information and Protection against Bad Contractors in Ontario:


Ministry of Consumer Service s -Gov't of Ontario help for Consumer's- file a complaint here Advice -one-on-one advice

Hiring a  - Canadian Home Builder' Association instructions

Generic Contract Example-PDF - a contract used for typical renovations/jobs etc-ask your contractor to provide one; More formal ones may be drawn up by lawyers.

List of Top 10 Tips on hiring and working with a contractor

Civil Court -recent reforms and changes that help consumers

Small Claims Court - what is involved & guide from Ministry of Attorney General

Need one-on-one information ?

arrow.gifBetter Business Bureau (BBB)


1) ***File a Complaint:*** Any problems whatsoever with a member or non-member file a complaint by visiting:
(File a Complaint with the Ministry of Government Services of Ontario :***Important: Need to contact business in question first, to try and resolve issues)


2) ***Check the Legitimacy of a Business Member or Non-Member:*** To check out if a company has any complaints please visit: Search BBB Directory
*Note Well* We do not have every company listed in the above search.
3) ***Contact Your Local BBB:*****
In order to locate your local BBB please visit
4) ***Find out the Status of your Complaint:***
Please contact the local BBB in the area where the company you filed your compliant against is based.
5) ***Wish to Tell Us About a Scam You Found?***
Please report it to your local BBB

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