Chris's list-cheapest rates-cost-price

Chris's List-"cheapest that i have found" list

People always asked me "who do you use for this or that" or "where can you get the cheapest" whatever, and i have ususally found the best rate-price-or cost, so here is my list passed down to you- if anyone knows or can suggest anyone else that is cheaper in each of the categories-send me an email here - started Jan 2012

Residential Mortgages - Jim Stickel 1-866-767-5446- (cut & paste)   -seems he cannot be beat on mortgage rates

Business Insurance - ? -haven't found or compared anyone for this;

Hotel-motel - i use priceline and have gotten 4 plus star hotels for no more than $100 (before taxes) -read some hints by googling priceline hints on bidding...there are a few tricks-also the farther the date away you are, is better....

Car Insurance- Desjardin by a long shot- use online comparison - -was the last time i got desjardin pricing-cost and a comparison-TD or any of the banks seem to give a great rate and then will slowly increase them over a few years, so i seem to be changing every two to three years because of this insurance industry tactic- see why i am not to impressed with the insurance industry and why i think the government should step in- why is Quebec's car insurance so much cheaper?

Wet Basement Repair- leaking or wet basement? Kitchener Waterloo and surrounding area


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